WA Albany Classic Motor Event

The annual Albany Classic Motor Event returns to Western Australia this weekend, Saturday the 3rd and Sunday 4th of June.

History is brought back to live with everything from muscle cars to vintage cars that competed in the first around- the-house races 81 years ago.

The very first event was held in 1937 with the WA 50 Mile T.T Car Race, which was about a 6.5km circuit through the town.

Now the revived track mimics the 1938 Grand Prix circuit and even has glorious views of the Princess Royal Harbour.

The event is bound to conjure nostalgic memories for many, as well as showcasing the splendour of the past.

Event co-ordinator Vicki Clark said, “We were the first town to be settled in WA, we were the first town where the fleet departed and we were the first town that had around-the-houses style racing in Australia.”

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Last year’s event was a huge success drawing in over 150 entrants including a 1926 Salmson GSS with its 1.1 litre engine and a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro over 5.8 litres.

Many of the cars competing were early Australian motorsport vehicles, as well as other categories including; Lotus, Mustang, Elfin, Jaguar, Porsche, Bolwell Simca, Lola and many more.

For entrant applications see VSCCWA website.

More information about the event is found on the Albany Classic Motor Event website here.

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