Car of the Day – Fiat 124 Sports Spider!

Did someone say ‘Sports Spider’? Incoming the Fiat 124 Sports Spider!

With so much popularity after our Instagram post we thought we would dedicate today’s car of the day to this beauty!

This is a beautiful European automobile manufactured by Fiat during 1966 to 1980.

The Fiat 124 Sport Spider is a monocoque, front engine, rear drive 2+2 convertible sports car designed and manufactured by Italian carrozzeria Pininfarina.

In November 1966, the Sport Spider made its official debut at the Turin Auto Show, and it really got the crowd going!


With a couple years of success, it wasn’t until 1971 when the Fiat 124 Sports Spider was prepared for the World Rally Championship.

Abarth designer Ing Colucci became involved in the production and development and was responsible for getting the 124 Sports Spider into group 4 rally.

The Sports Spider performed exceptionally well, bringing in first, second and third place in rally competitions across Europe.

However, by 1976 its race days came to an end due to the introduction of the Fiat-Abarth 131.

By 1985 the model production ended after almost 200,000 Spiders had been manufactured.

The U.S market had 75% of the models ever manufactured, proven to be a popular market for this Fiat model.

Naturally, with such great performance and looks, who wouldn’t love a Fiat 124 Sports Spider!