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Sydney held an international car show yesterday May 7, Cars and Coffee, along Jones Bay Wharf.

Not your ordinary car show, but one with 150 prestigious makes and models lined up for all car fanatics to drool over!

The show has everything from 60s Mustangs, through to brand new Ferraris, top of the line Lamborghinis.

What’s even better is seeing these spectacular vehicles with a coffee in hand, an ideal Sunday morning spent for some.

With plenty to look at; Maserati, BMW, McLaren, Porsche and the list goes on.

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The rare Lamborghini Aventador proved to be a crowd favourite – we really don’t need to go into why, it’s a jaw dropper.

Some participants had their time to shine with their beloved vehicles, one in particular showing off his Lamborghini Countach.

Polished up and ready to rumble, these cars certainly were show stoppers!

The next Cars and Coffee will be held in Poland, followed by South Africa and even as far as Norway.

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Cars and Coffee is a global event with 26 countries on board ready to host their very own show.

With one passion in common, cars! To visit the website click here, find out if there will be a cars and coffee near you!

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