Citroen Debut’s as a Featured Marque at Pebble Beach

Without precedent for the marque’s history, Citroen is to be highlighted at Pebble Beach

At 2018’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance will be an exceptional festival of French design and innovation as Citroen – for the very first time in the brand’s history – blesses the neat, trimmed yards as the current year’s Featured Marque.

Citroen’s first example sits nearby another brand-debut; the Featured Marque for the Moneterey Historics – Nissan. The first example of a Japanese marque being highlighted as featured marque.

“Interest in Citroën among collectors has seen exponential growth in recent years, and the Concours is pleased to showcase custom coachwork Citroëns that offer the best of French technology and design,” says Concours Chairman Sandra Button.

Citroen will join the esteemed ranks of highly regarded and historical brands including Aston Martin, Ferrari, Maserati and Bentley among numerous others.

Monterey Car Week participants will without a doubt be delighted by a great plethora of Citroen’s imaginative designs and models. Citroen’s provenance is frequently neglected in auto news these days, more so than a portion of alternate brands that have beforehand held the Pebble Beach honour, however one needs simply take a gander at their past accomplishments to see their status as the 2018 Featured Marque as legitimate and justified.

The 1955 unveiling of the Citroen DS shook the globe at the Paris motor show. It was promptly applauded, some right up ’til the present time calling it the most brilliant car ever.

With a space-age aesthetic, and innovation like aluminium and fibreglass bodywork, hydro-pneumatic suspension and a streamlined drag coefficient; when the Paris show had finished – 12,000 orders for the car had been taken.

Flaminio Bertoni, a the very same architect who penned the DS additionally designed the notorious 2CV – which celebrated its 70th anniversary this year. 8 million are said to have been created.

2018’s Concours D’Elegance will occur at Pebble Beach from August 26th.

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