Field Trip to Fox Classic Car Collection Melbourne

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One of Australia’s most outstanding collections, Fox Classic Car Collection, is on display this year at Melbourne’s historic Queen’s Warehouse, located in Docklands.

For over a 30-year period Australian businessman, Lindsay Fox, collected over 50 of the world’s most rare and prestigious classic cars to have ever driven the roads of the earth.

From Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz, to Ferrari, this collection has got the lot! And it doesn’t end there.

Fox has even collected a few big timers once loved and owned vehicles. Bill Crosby, Ringo Star, and Bob Jane… Just to name a few.

Fox Classic Car Collection is guaranteed to mesmerise anyone who visits the venue and capture imagination like you would never believe.

Prominent examples in his collection include Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche, Rolls Royce and one of the largest Mercedes-Benz car collections in the southern hemisphere.

Step through a world of history with this stunning collection, ready for all classic car enthusiasts, and basically anyone who is interested in cars, museums, history, or want learn something new.

They say a car collection is as amazing as a museum so why not give it a shot and come down to view Fox Classic Car Collection in Docklands, Melbourne.

Entry fees:

$12 adult

$10 concession

$5 children 12 years and under

For more information visit the collection online here.

Fox classic car collection

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