Gone In 60 Seconds Ford Eleanor Mustang Now A Reality.

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It would be safe to assume that as a car enthusiast reading this, you’ve probably seen and enjoyed the film Gone in 60 Seconds (the 2000 iteration). Furthermore, it’s also probably safe to say that you, like many of us, drooled over the Ford Eleanor  Mustang featured in the hit movie. If the above applies to you then you’ll be pleased to know that the manufacturing firm associated it has licensed the Eleanor Mustang for recreation and production. The iconic 1967 Ford Shelby GT500 was completed in Dupont Pepper Grey.

The licensing was given to California’s Fusion Motor Company which is able to create just for you, a replica Eleanor Mustang down to the iconic  ‘Go Baby Go’ gear stick. Unfortunately, there’s no nitrous tank to employ during your ride.

Under the hood of Fusion’s Eleanor, it begins humbly as a 1967-68 Mustang which is then stripped and rebuilt a brand spanking new body over the top of. Quite a few modifications are executed in order to assist it in resembling the GT500. This combined with the custom hood and trunk that incidentally can also be requested to be made from carbon fibre. Additionally, the customisation doesn’t cease there as customers can order the car be made in any colour they desire.

The initial value you can expect to pay for one of these gems begins at $189,000. This will get you a tidy 5.0 litre V8 with 430 horsepower. There are a number of upgrades from there but most notably you can receive a  supercharger that will enhance the value of your horsepower to a total of 750. If the extra power sounds right up your alley, it’s an extra $19,500 you’ll be looking at paying for the upgrade.

The initial status of the transmission is a 5-speed manual. FMC will grant you a 6-speed for an extra $4,5k. Fusion has also stated that they’re thinking of incorporating an automatic transmission. The Mustang also comes with 13-inch brake discs and 6-piston callipers at every corner. These sit inside 17-inch wheels framed in 245/45 tires at the front and 275/45 tires on the back.

If you’re fortuitous enough to have a bigger budget, keep an eye out for auctions simply selling the original Eleanor’s from the movie and save yourself the hassle. The last of which sold around 5 years ago for $1 million.

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