Gosfords Classic Car Museum

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Central Coast can now declare to have the biggest, privately owned classic car assortment within the Southern Hemisphere. Additionally, The Gosford Classic Car Museum now has the very exclusive title of being a part of the top 5 classic/vintage car collections in the world.

The location of the cars itself is extraordinary. Before its makeover, the venue was a Bunnings Warehouse, notorious for their size. The 11,000sqm of it has been stripped naked, walls painted brown and flooring polished to perfection resembling mirrors. This ensures that the 450 hand picked vehicles (valued at about $75million) that it houses glimmer and shine with pride.

Open for approximately 18 months now, the Gosford Classic Car Museum is privately owned by Tony Denny, a renowned entrepreneur and longtime Classic car fan and collector. Customers are flocking in the thousands to his latest business and leisure endeavour, this spectacular show of vintage and classic makes. One of the many visitors and certainly one of the more elite is Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who elected to spend his 62nd birthday there.

The cars on show have been hand selected and will likely be on show there for upwards of 5 years. Although these will not be the only ones, as Tony aims to expand the collection exponentially. A team of experts working alongside the museum are always on the lookout for new (or old as the case may be) and unique cars for the showcase.

The museum showcases an array of vehicles, not by any means exclusive to classic cars. Motorbikes and even military automobiles grace the collection with their presence, with makes originating from all over the globe including but not limited to: The UK, Germany, Italy and Asia.


“Tony Denny has always had a passion for cars…He treats them like a piece of art. He went through about 5000 cars before the 450 were chosen. There are another 100 cars waiting to go into the museum. It’s an evolving museum.” says his partner, Kim.
“Car enthusiasts from all over the world are expected to come to the Central Coast once the word spreads of the exceptional collection of classic cars,” and adds “…We treat every visitor as though they are part of our family. This is a private building, a private collection of dream cars and we love to share it.”

To give the Gosford Classic Car Museum a visit, make your way to 3-13 Stockyard Place, Gosford.

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Atal Hakikat

I am a classic car enthusiast and want to share my passion for classic, vintage and unique cars with you.