James Bond’s Goldeneye DB5 Driving to Auction

Aston Martin has for the longest time been seemingly synonymous with James Bond; the spy’s association with the dazzling DB5 started in 1964, when Sean Connery drove a Silver Birch in the 64 Goldfinger.

An instantaneous film legend, the unbelievable (and savage) DB5 kept on springing up in continuing movies over the decades-long saga – featuring in Thunderball, Tomorrow Never Dies, Spectre and Goldeneye.

Barely any watchers could have missed the glorious Aston Martin’s undeniable charm in that last film: it began with Brosnan swinging the DB5 around the slopes above Monte Carlo, with an end goal to escape from the pursuing Ferrari F355 being driven by Xenia Onatopp.

There were really three DB5s utilized for the taping of Goldeneye, yet it was this DB5 – DB5/1885/R – that was guided by Brosnan in the now famous mountainside duel.

When Brosnan had given back the keys, the DB5 was tidied up and utilized for promo purposes – initially to create attention for the film, and after that by Aston Martin to drive offers of its DB7. It likewise partook in engine appears in both Detroit and Los Angeles, where it was guided on to its stands by racing champion Sir Stirling Moss.

At that point it returned to Britain for a unique deal: in 2001, Christie’s auctioned somewhere in the range of 250 units of Bond paraphernalia, with the DB5 among the pieces up for sale.

It inevitably sold for £157,750 and made it in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive piece of Bond memorabilia sold at the time.

the car went ahead to be shown at Beaulieu’s Bond show, before featured at The London Film Museum, The National Motor Museum and recently, the ‘Bond in Motion’ display in Covent Garden.

With the roadshow incomplete, the beautiful DB5 will be showcased yet again, at Bonhams’ committed Aston Martin auction at Englefield House on the 2nd of June.

After this, it’ll go under the mallet at Bonhams’ Goodwood Festival of Speed auction on the 13th of July, close by scores of other exceedingly attractive cars including a DB4GT Zagato.

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