Mcbrain Finally Lands His Custom ’84 Jaguar XJ

If you’re a fan of Iron Maiden, you should be familiar with Nicko McBrain, their drummer since 1982. Two years later in 84, Jaguar would create a car for him that he wouldn’t take home until 2018.

It’s a 1984 Jaguar XJ and was created to commend this year being the 50th annual year of the nameplate, and additionally, feature what’s deliverable from the group at Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works.

It has a stunning Pimento Red inside that is paired with dark piping, carpeting, and an Alcantara headliner. Jaguar additionally used charcoal grey Sycamore veneers, which is a gesture to the sort of timber that Nicko has in his drums.

There are various other rock’n’roll touches inside this beauty. The revolving knobs include machined aluminium and are intended to copy the handles used to control an amp. Jag has also constructed the gas and brake pedals to mimic drum pedals.

On the outside, we have an arrangement of mixed front and back bumpers. The fenders have been flared to fit custom 18-inch wheels that are surrounded in 235/45 Pirelli P Zero tires. Jag likewise set aside the time to supply some advanced touches regarding the lighting and interior highlights. In the front, LED headlights ensure the street ahead is appropriately lit up, and a custom Alpine touchscreen sound system guarantees the cabin is flooded with palpable sound.

The outside isn’t the only thing different, lets take a look under the hood. In the engine the 4.2-liter inline-6 ordinarily found in this iteration of XJ inhales through 3 SU carburettors. This is basically now a similar setup you’d find on a more seasoned E-Type. The engines revs should echo magnificently out the back through a custom quad-exhaust.

Nicko is clearly a real Jaguar fan, and this isn’t the only car he worked with them on. McBrain has likewise worked with Jaguar on a 2013 Jaguar XKR-S.

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