Pirelli Creates New Tire Exclusively For Ferrari 250 GTO

As we’ve discussed here before, the Ferrari 250 GTO is the most costly car on the globe.

At a typical sale, a 250 GTO will certainly cause bidders to take up arms with the initial expected value skyrocketing to $40 million (upwards of $75 million AUD).

In spite of the crazy esteem placed on these vehicles, the proprietors do eventually set them free on the race track. This is where Pirelli comes in. The Italian tire producer has reported that it will deliver a rare and unique set of rubber tires exclusively for the 250 GTO.

Called the Stelvio Corsa, the tires seem to be akin to the sort initially utilized on the 250 GTO back in the 60’s. Gratefully for the drivers of said Ferraris of yesteryear, these tires have current innovation and technology behind them to guarantee better hold and unwavering quality.

They’re a component of Pirelli’s Collezione collection of tires, which are delivered for vintage street and rally vehicles of note. From the 1950s-1970s, Pirelli makes a tire that will fit your car and keep you moving along bumbplessly and securely.

It’s not unexpected to hear that Pirelli produces these vintage street and rally tires. What is an astonishment, in any case, is the way that Pirelli will deliver an extraordinary set only for the 250 GTO. Ferrari constructed just under 40 cases of its homologation special, so there’s not going to be a large number of requests.

All things considered, these cars still do more than appear at vintage racing occasions and quite plainly, Pirelli sees a chance to supply the proprietors of those autos with safe and period-correct styled tires.

There’s no word on what you could expect to pay to arrange to receive an order of these tires. When you think about the fact that they’re being utilized to help keep a $40 million vehicle on the track, we’d envision that the sticker price is somewhat higher than your average mechanics tires.

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