Redeeming Car Design of the 80’s: The Ferrari 288 GTO

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Although many classic car fans like to pretend the 80’s didn’t happen in terms of design, The Ferrari 288 GTO seems like one of the only redeeming designs to come out of the era. This wasn’t Ferrari’s only hit in the 80’s as additionally their 308 made a splash as it featured in the popular TV show at the time, Magnum P.I

The version pictured above, the 288 GTO features stylish adornments such as wing (a trademark styling point in the 80s) mirrors elevated on sturdy long stalks, a wider rear to accommodate the large, chunky, thick tyres required to deliver that famous Ferrari power, and spoilers to ensure it didnt just take flight. The 288’s sister, the 308 was already an impressively speedy little car, however this super-rare 288 GTO was in its own special league.

It was based on a concept delivered by Enzo Ferrari himself, who instructed his designers to construct a make that was primarily based on the 308, however, he wanted a car that would be fast enough to compete in the Group B racing series. The automobile they produced had twin turbochargers which delivered sufficient air into the V8’s cylinders to push out an astonishing 400 hp, making the car reach 189mph. This secured its title as the worlds fastest car in 1984.

Just 278 models are believed to have been manufactured, all of which had sold out before production even began. This car has truly secured itself a position as a luxurious classic, and even more elite, has its place amongst cars with a price tag exceeding seven figures.

When the 288 GTO was launched it was hailed as an incredible piece of expertise, the perfect  sportscar. Now it  is without doubt one of the greatest loved vehicles ever to have released. As well as being very unique and distinctively quick, it’s a particularly astonishing automobile.

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