Rimac C_Two: $2.6 Million Worth of Car

It was only just divulged at March’s 2018 Geneva auto show, yet Rimac’s C_Two electric supercar is very near being sold out already—in spite of a $2 million price tag.

In a meeting with Autocar released on March 28, Kreso Coric, (head of sales at Rimac) mentioned the Croatian firm is arranging a manufacturing run of just 150 vehicles for the C_Two and most of the building openings have been taken. He additionally uncovered that most purchasers are dishing out an additional $600,000 worth of customisations.

Rimac C_two side

Further examination reveals that Rimac assembled only ten models of the vehicles forerunner, the Concept_One. The organization’s fundamental business is creating and providing vehicle electrification innovation to OEMs.

The power of the C_Two is barely comparable, and keeping in mind that the numbers are akin to what Tesla is promising for its second-age Roadster, evaluating its price to begin at $200,000, it may be a while until production. Rimac says it will begin conveyances of the C_Two in 2020. Tesla’s second-gen Roadster is additionally anticipated to deliver in 2020.

Rimac C_two side

The C_Two’s boasted achievements incorporate 0-60 mph (96kmh) in 1.85 seconds, a quarter mile time of 9.1 seconds, and a best speed of 258 mph (415 kms). Making this kind of performance conceivable is a four-engine electric powertrain conveying 1,914 HP and 1,696 pound-feet of torque.

Sending power to these engines is a 120-kilowatt-hour lithium-particle battery that with paired with driving should empower a run of approximately 400 miles (643 km). Because of their rapid charging innovation, an 80 percent charge of the battery is anticipated to be conceivable inside 30 minutes.

Because of overheating, the C_Two, as with most modern electric autos, is unable to perform at its best for long periods. Nonetheless, Rimac maintains that the car ought to be useful for no less than two laps of the 12.9-mile Nürburgring with no stoop in it’s performance.

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