The First Electric Car before Modern Day Technology

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When we think of an electric car we often think of it as a new innovative technology that emerged in the 21st century, but did you know the very first electric car was built in 1828.

Well, you see there were various inventors who have been attributed in delivering an electric aspect in motor vehicles.

Lets talk more about it… In 1828 Hungarian inventor, Anyos Jelik, invented an early type of electric motor and created a small model car powered by his motor.

In 1832, Scottish inventor, Robert Anderson invented the first crude electric carriage powered by none-rechargeable primary cells.

Two years on in 1834, American Thomas Davenport built a similar contraction, which operated on a short, circular electrified track.

He was in fact the inventor credited for building the very first practical electric vehicle, known as a small locomotive.

Davenport had a large fascination with electric motors and visualised humans in the future would play a big role in modern society.

His prediction was accurate if we consider the amounts of electric cars that are on the market now.

In acknowledgment of Davenport’s predictions, we celebrate his electric car as the first known to mankind.

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Atal Hakikat

I am a classic car enthusiast and want to share my passion for classic, vintage and unique cars with you.