Bringing History Back to Life with Unique & Limited

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Unique & Limited is based on bringing back history as accurately as possible that is visually amazing.

Every car lover appreciates the aesthetics of a well-designed vehicle with an amazing history and story to tell!

Unique and Limited Gallery capture the beauty and history of these vehicles historical vehicles in the most impeccable and detailed way you could ever image.

The amazing images produced by articles are truly spectacular pieces that take you back into time.

Unique & Limited

With a team of artists, creative thinkers, automotive enthusiasts and perfectionists, expect to be blown away by the astonishing artworks.

The artworks take you on a journey of passion, drive and discovery.

Just to name a few, you can find recreations of racecars like the Silver Stallion racing for victory at Tour de France in 1964.

Find recreated memorable moments of the Not Sterling Without Stirling at 24 Hours Le Mans, France in 1962.


About Unique & Limited

They describe what they do in these words…

History happens. As humans we have no control over when and how it does.

We can just do our best to record it as accurately as possible given by the technologies available at that time.

Unfortunately the limits of that technology were not able to capture the true magnitude of the events that occurred.

Leaving us with the memories that reflect the media on which they were recorded.

History didn’t happen in just black and white, and it doesn’t deserve to be remembered that way by future generations

Imagine telling and epic story or producing an entire Hollywood movie in one still shot. That’s what Unique and Limited & Gallery do.

Burn and Crash Unique & Limited

Unique & Limited lies in the hands of highly skilled artists who push their passion, talent and technology to the utmost limits.

They honour history by bringing it back with a level of detail and at depth of visual storytelling that has never been expressed before.

Using the best technology and best materials recreating a moment of history that could never be imagined even in its day.

Its worth having a look at the collection of work especially if you’re a car enthusiast like us, you will be sure to be mesmerised by the detail, talent and story these images hold.

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Visit Unique & Limited online now for more details and view their stunning gallery!

the author

Atal Hakikat

I am a classic car enthusiast and want to share my passion for classic, vintage and unique cars with you.