The Last Split Rear Screen Volkswagen Beetle Manufactured in March 1952

With March just around the corner, we thought we would dedicate this post to the very last Volkswagen Beetle ever manufactured in March 1952.

If you had a time machine and could go back to any era to own your favourite classic car, what would it be?

We have time warped to the era of the 1952 Volkswagen Beetle. They don’t build them like this bad-boy anymore.

This 1952 Volkswagen Beetle is a cultural icon, political statement, mass transport exercise, and even a film star.

1952 VW Beetle

Over 21.5 million were manufactured between 1938 all the way to 2003 proving it was a real people pleaser.

On March 4 1952 the last recorded split rear screen VW Beetle was manufactured and despatched to Swedish Volkswagen agent, Scania Vabis – an automotive giant that deals with larger vehicles, industry trucks, and buses.

Randy Maskell, who owns the 1952 Beetle and is involved in restoration explains, this VW Beetle, which was the most authentic air-cooled, postwar horsepower left in existence, has to be double-clutched – it’s a rhythmic way of driving double clutching.

The elegance of the 1952 Volkswagen Beetle is the simplest most desirable thing about the car. It was inexpensive, but no one would ever dare to call it cheap – value for money and so much more.

Purely an iconic and amazing car that was popular amongst the entire world!

1952 VW Beetle