Canepas Porsche 959SC

With regards to the Porsche 959, Canepa Design is the maker that knows all there is to know.

The Scotts Valley, California-based race car restoration company has been helping import and alter Porsche 959s for a considerable length of time. Canepa has served up its Gen I, Gen II, and late Gen III updates for the 959 throughout the decades. In any case, the Canepa group has achieved another level of knowledge, and they are prepared to roll out a top spec 959 to the world. Enter the Canepa Design Porsche 959SC.

Porsche first unveiled the stunning 959 in 1987 and was globally accepted as an auto pioneer of its time. The car was adorned with an all-wheel drive, 2 turbochargers, kevlar body boards, and the capacity to vector torque as required. The 959 was far ahead of its time compared to other cars on the market.

After 3 generation updates, Canepa is taking things a stride further.

The auto is known as the 959SC, and it’s a superior new iteration of the 959 with significantly more power than Porsche engineers could’ve concocted back in the 1980s.

Canepa is assembling only 50 makes of the 959SC. They’re totally reestablishing the car from the metal bones outward. Rather than staying with the white, silver, or red shading initially offered from the production line, Canepa will offer a paint-to-test benefit like what Porsche offers today. The inside is given a comparable top spec made-to-order treatment.

Starting with a quality pre-owned 959, the auto is totally stripped of each board and system, down to the last segment part.It is all then restored, this includes recoating parts utilizing the most recent powder covering strategies, giving them additional life-span. More than 500 hours are spent on the body alone before entering Canepa’s paint stall, and more than 300 are spent just on the cabin.

So that is the Canepa Design Porsche 959SC. In the event that you want one, you would do well to act fast…and bring evey dollar you’ve got to your name.

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