Rare 1967 Corvette L88 on the Auction Block

This is the very rare 1967 Corvette L88 on show at Dana Mecum’s Original Spring Classic Auction in Indianapolis, Indiana

The L88 Corvette was Lot # F151 at the Mecum Auction on Friday, May 18. The winning offer was $1.7 million. Apparently, this number did not meet the holding cost and the purchaser did not release the reserve.

There were just 20 L88 Corvettes made in 1967, making it a standout amongst the most desired American muscle cars in the world. This example is the only one of them created in Sunfire yellow, a mainstream colour choice in ’67. It has gotten Bloomington Gold certification, one of the most revered accreditations in the Corvette hobby. Al Grenning has confirmed the genuineness of the motor pad and the trim tag on this unbelievable vehicle.

The rebuilding work was finished by Steve Hendrickson. The original title, new auto deals contract and it would seem that the first window sticker on the auto as it is shown. They say the first tank sticker is additionally on the car.  According to Hendrickson’s letter, the first frame, L88 motor, M22 transmission, control brakes and master cylinder, suspension and trim are still maintained on this model; other segments sourced to finish the rebuilding were new old stock.

In a fascinating side note, Mecum additionally states that the original title will go with the vehicle. Notwithstanding, the auto will be sold on a bill of sale. On the off chance that the original title was ever to be displayed to a state for authorizing to drive on open roads, the title would need to be surrendered to the state. The historical original title on this auto is a piece of its provenance.

For it to be swung over to the Motor Vehicle department so it could be titled would be a tragedy. In all probability, the new proprietor could never re-title it just to keep the original title in their control.

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