Shelby 1967 GT500 Super Snake now in Production

The 1967 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake is a fantastic example of the expression ‘better late than never’, which Shelby American will, at long last, create as a restricted release continuation model.

Amid the 1960s, Shelby manufactured a showcase Mustang for Goodyear controlled by a lightweight 427-cubic-inch race motor lifted from a Le Mans-winning Ford GT40, marking the auto the Shelby GT500 Super Snake during its inception. It was believed to deliver 520 horsepower upon its presentation, which was an insane figure for the time.

Acknowledging the opportunity, Shelby merchant Don McCain showed enthusiasm for getting a line of the vehicles manufactured, however, the cost of the task implied that just the one on show would drive. It last became available for purchase in 2013, with its purchaser fleshing out $1.3 million to snatch it up.

Now, years later, Shelby will assemble 10 more for collectors and enthusiasts, each valued starting from $249,995. The organization will utilize unique 1967 Mustang donor frame and keep the first Ford VINs, yet will incorporate a Shelby serial number for the official Shelby registry. Or on the other hand, should the purchaser want, an original 1967 Shelby can be supplied, however, of course, this will cost additional investment.

A race-derived 427 V-8 will stay in the core of the vehicle, with the pinnacle yield to come in at 550 hp. Both aluminium and cast-iron blocks will be accessible, upheld by a four-speed manual transmission. Much the same as the first, the models will have disk brakes and the well known triple stripes.

As an extra feature, purchasers will likewise get a unique signature from the late Carroll Shelby and late Don McCain. You may ask why Shelby has a heap of their unused autographs, particularly those from McCain. It turns out that McCain stayed very close to Shelby consistently and was a supporter of the possibility of a remake of the Super Snake program. He autographed ten dash plaques for the autos, as did Carroll Shelby.

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