The 1955 Alfa Romeo SS Speciale Will Make You Pine For Simpler Times.

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Showcasing a meticulous dedication to craftsmanship seldom practised in the manufacturing of today’s modern cars, the 1955 Alfa Romeo 1900C SS Speciale makes even the common layman pine for the starry-eyed aspirational builds of the 20th century, before the industrial overhaul of mass production for automobiles with most peoples checklists for buying becoming simply to get them from A to B.

But while modern cars become faster, more efficient and may require barely any actual driving on our part, there’s a lot to be said about gems from the past like the 1955 Alfa Romeo 1900C SS Speciale. 

Crafted in a time where the future was uncertain, and owning a car was a statement (akin to owning art in your home) this magnificent make gives the owner a sense of total control over and synergy with the vehicle that cant be said to be afforded to most drivers today.

Sporting a 1900C SS chassis and designed by Mario Boano, looking at his other designs it’s clear he had a spectacular vision of futuristic style in mind.

Recently and carefully restored to its former glory, the Alfa Speciale won its class at the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance. It is a prime example of the kind of peak of design that emerged from a time when simply getting to work and home was not the only goal in mind during the design process and creation of cars.

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