Brabus Restores Multiple Mercedes-Benz’

The crazy wrenches at Brabus know some things about taking a cutting-edge Mercedes-Benz and bending the wick until the point when huge power figures are delivered.

Brabus isn’t just about the new metal, the classic auto division of the German tuning organization exists to deliver a new life into those more established vehicles. You can see this for yourself as a group of four great Benzes have currently gotten the resto treatment. The outcomes are staggering.

Brabus Classic grasped 4 vehicles, among them, are a 300SL coupe and a 300SL Roadster. in the event that you need to pick a smattering of vintage Mercedes cars to refurbish, each of the four of these is close to the highest priority makes.

First off is the spectacular 300SL with its gullwing entryways. Brabus Classic settled on a light green outside with a finished cream inside. The green shading proceeds over the dashboard and consummately compliments the lighter shades on the calfskin and steering wheel. Brabus states that a restoration like this one will take up around about 4,000 worker hours. That bodes well when you understand that each and every corner of the car is afforded proper consideration, and that incorporates the 3.0-liter M198 straight-6 that sits between those stunning front bumpers.

The Brabus Classic fantasy doesn’t end there, it proceeds with a gorgeous 300SL Roadster. On the chance you’re geared toward open-air driving rather than fidgeting with gullwing doors, you are certain to be enchanted by this one. The shadowy blue paint and colour coordinated wheels combine impeccably with the tan found all through the interior. As much as we adore the gullwing, there’s something additionally unique and endearing about the roadster. Those front haunches appear to puff up a score once you rid of the roof of a 300SL.

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