Bugatti EB110 Given New Life As A SP-110 Edonis Fenice

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You wouldn’t guess that the car above had a more humble and conventional beginning. It’s actually an oldie with a contemporary twist. This vehicle started life as a Bugatti EB110 supercar and was then remodeled into the SP-110 Edonis Fenice.

Beneath the relatively intriguing bodywork is an authentic Bugatti EB110 carbon fiber monocoque. It’s looking like it won’t be just one of a kind either, as plans have been made for a small, limited edition rollout of just 15 cars.

The company responsible for the EB110’s assention, is Casil Motors. They undertook the project almost two decades after original mock ups for the SP-110 Edonis were abandoned. These original plans were created by “B Engineering”, a team that consisted of ex-workers from Bugatti after they declared bankruptcy in the 90’s. They bought just 17 of the EB 110’s chassis’ and set outo to remodel each one into the SP-110. Sadly at that time, the project was never accomplished.

Fortunately, with the hard work of Casil Motors, new life was brought to these old birds. They’ve revitalised the project with a new design as well a revised powertrain. As an alternative to the Bugatti’s authentic V-12, Casil managed to change the displacement from 3.5 to 3.8 liters and put in two turbochargers to swap out the original quad-four setup. Power is as much as 720 horsepower over the previous 550-hp, and as far as handling the reconstituted gem, a 6-speed manual has been implemented.

The newfound efficiency ought to make the car reach  0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds as well as boosting her top speed, reaching up to 249 mph. weighing in at just 3,018 lbs, the body has been kept light by Casil by encasing the frame with an aluminium body.

Whilist opinions on the new body differentiate between enthusiasts and fans, its undoubtable that the SP-110 Edonis Fenice evokes a particular affection in most none the less. Pleasing many is just how apparent it’s 90’s supercar’s roots are, maintaining a classic nature although its on the newer side of the fence. The SP-110 Edonis is a literal dream come true, even if it did take a few decades to come to fruition. Casil have successfully created a car that would have made B Engineering proud. If you too are a little infatuated with the make, its $850,000USD you’ll be looking at putting down to have one of your own.

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