Volkswagen Microbus 21-Window 1947

Dutch Volkswagen Importer Ben Pon sketched the very first drawings of the Volkswagen Microbus 21-Window in 1947. Move forward two years and Volkswagen’s first generation of Microbuses were built.

Known as ‘split screens’, because the windscreen was divided into two, this version of the ‘hippie van’ was built up until 1967.

The Volkswagen Microbus 21-Window was powered by a 1,500-cubic centimetre, overhead-valve, horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine that could produce 40 horsepower. The engine was mounted in the rear which meant driving was relitavely calm and quiet.

The ‘kombi’ had a 94.5-inch wheelbase suspended by a semi-elliptic leaf-spring suspension with shocks and coil springs, and had four-wheel drum brakes.

People are willing to pay six figures for a ‘kombi’ – it’s one way to relive the 60’s once again.