Audi 100 Classic

Stand out from the crowd with the Audi 100, made from 1968 to 1976. This was Audi’s first car to claim brand individuality under Volkswagen ownership – and they did just that – being the first of the breed.

The Audi 100 is an appealing choice for enthusiasts and those who are interested in a rare German car. If you want to own a vintage model that shows you’ve put some real thought into it, and bonus points for looking cool, then this is the automobile!


The idea behind this model was to convince American consumers Audi could compete with other European luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes.

“The Audi 100 was a car that was developed when the European luxury brands were starting to be more relevant globally,” said Mark Dahncke, Audi’s general manager of communications.

“Big U.S titans were losing relevance because of the gas crunch and also, honestly, because of their design. The Audi 100 was a step to bring in a European solution: something that was compact but usable, drivable but functional.”