Success of the Chrysler New Yorker 1948

In the past four decades the Chrysler New Yorker has had continuous amazing success and popularity in the car industry.

It all started in Mexico, where Chryslers began to be manufactured, right up until the 1960s.

The only competition that outranked the New Yorker in size and price was the Chrysler Imperial.

Original Chrysler New Yorkers were manufactured with big-block V8 Fire-Power engine, the first V8s to be produced by Chrysler.

Due to this massive engine having hemispherical combustion chambers it used to be referred to as the “Hemi” engine.

The New Yorker was improvised to provide better airflow and fuel/air mixture ignition.

Chrysler New Yorker

Features of the Chrysler New Yorker

  • 2/4-door sedan body type
  • Rear-wheel drive, semi-automatic 4-speed gearbox
  • Petrol engine with displacement
  • Characteristic dimensions: outside length 5505 mm / 216.75 in, wheelbase 3238 mm / 127.5 in
  • Shipping weight 1784 kg

How fast is this car?

Top speed recorded 137km/h



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