“Legends of Bavaria” BMW Exhibit

LeMay – America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington, has just unveiled its “Legends of Bavaria” show highlighting 75 years of BMW Motorsports history, including 17 race autos, some of which are making their debut on the West Coast, the museum calls attention to.

The historical centre additionally takes note that the show was brought to fruition through a crowdfunding effort that moved the 17 autos to Tacoma.

The individuals who added to the financing are to get unique privileges and experiences, including private visits, and one lucky contributor will have the opportunity to buy a one-day BMW performance driving school experience.

The crowdfunding campaign proceeds through an Indiegogo site.

“We’re thrilled to be the first to display this unrivalled collection on the West Coast and share BMW’s many motorsports accomplishments with the hundreds of thousands guest who visit ACM each year,” Adam Langsbard, chief executive of America’s Automotive Trust, said in the museum’s press release.

“As proven by the extraordinary collection of race cars within Heroes of Bavaria exhibit, BMW rightfully earns the title of the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine.’ Their vehicles have been tried-and-tested on race tracks for the last 75 years.”

Historical centre caretaker of exhibitry Scot Keller will head a curator discussion and voyage through the display on May 13.

Among the vehicles on show are the initial 1961 700 RS, the only 1972 3.0 CSL Group 2 rally auto, and the 2000 Williams F1 racer that Ralf Schumacher headed to three podium victories.

Please enjoy the gallery of just a few models on show at the exhibit.

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