Mint Condition Porsche Super Speedster

The Speedster, with its low wraparound windscreen, retractable hood, low waistline and bucket seats is a standout amongst the most desirable of all the 356 models in the line. In ‘Super’ spec, as for this example, it accompanied by 75bhp instead of the 60bhp of the standard 356 A Speedster.

The auto here, a 1956 Glacier White 356 A 1600 S Speedster, body no. 82780, was purchased in 1967 by Robert P Howry, a butcher in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, from a neighbourhood scrap metal merchant, who had gotten it new from Lancaster County Motors. Mr Howry maintained ownership of the Super Speedster for the following 51 years, keeping it in an extraordinarily built garage and checking only 30000 miles in it.

Mr Howry and his significant other Joan only occasionally showed the Speedster yet achieved the 1st place at the 1979 Porsche Parade in Reston, Virginia, as well as completing multiple tours in it thereafter. They looked after the vehicle with great dedication, they even treated the rubber trim with linseed oil each year. It’s stayed in such a perfect original state that fans have been known to visit Robert Howry to examine the vehicle.

Alexander Weaver, Car Specialist, RM Sotheby’s says, ‘This is one of finest and most original Super Speedsters to emerge in recent years, and we’re honoured to offer it at our auction’.

‘Today, the Porsche Super Speedster is a much sought-after automotive icon from an early era in the 70-year heritage of Porsche, and this car is a true time-capsule example, offering a rare opportunity to experience a classic Porsche essentially just as it was when it left the factory 62 years ago. It has never been restored because it was never needed, and it is offered from a couple who embodies the idea that a Porsche is better together.’

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