Fiat 124 that Fell From the Sky

The Fiat 124 vehicle is a mid-size family car developed by manufacturing car company Fiat, between 1966 and 1974.

The Fiat came in two variants; the sedan superseded Fiat 1300 and Fiat 1500.

A family friendly four-seater coupe and two-seater spider convertible for those singles that wanted to feel the wind in their hair!

When the Fiat 124 was first introduced to the public, it made a real statement.

Presented to the world as a publicity stunt in 1966 with Fiat filming the car dropping from a plane with a parachute attached – now that’s one way to make an entrance!

In 1967 the Fiat 124 won European Car of the Year award. The station wagon variant, and both the 124 Sport Spider and 124 Coupe debuted in 1967 Turin Motor Show.

Fiat branched out into the world making it a worldwide popular car entering into various collaborative agreements with smaller manufacturers.

Most Western European markets had a huge demand in the Fiat 124. Production of this line reached 17,332,954 cars ever made, being the second largest production volume for a car in automotive history.

Spider in motion classic Fiat