1955 Fiat 600 AKA Seicento Super-Mini

The Fiat 600 or the Seicento is a super-mini produced by the Italian manufacturer Fiat, first entered production in 1955 and continued until 1969. This model was the first to have a rear position engine.

Development of the Fiat 600 mirrored the layout of the Volkswagen beetle and Renault 4CV. During this time the Fiat became very popular with its aim being an economical but capable vehicle.

Characteristics include hydraulic drum brakes on all four wheels, suspension single double-mounted leafspring which acts as a stabiliser, gas charged shock absorbers, and an independent coil-over-shock absorber setup coupled to semi-trailing arms at the rear.

The Fiat 600 is water-cooled with ample cabin heater; all models of the 600 had generators with mechanical external regulators.

After popularity grew only a year later, in 1956, a soft-top version was introduced, as well as a six-seater variant.fiat-600-2340_28